Coyote Point

Coyote Point was a fun shoot. I got to play the “older guy who seduces the younger guy” part in a Joe Gage movie, meaning that I’m now in the same league as Allen Silver and… actually… yeah, I guess it’s Allen Silver and me.

Luke Cassidy played the neighbor’s kid and I was the “Dad Next Door” who gets to teach him how to fuck. Hey, we all have to learn somewhere, right? I also got to utter the infamous line “You have nothing to be ashamed of…we all get hardons. Look, I got one, too.”

Once we got inside, I then say “Put your mouth on it. It’s okay…you’ll like it.” Not as much as I did, though.

Luke sucks me back before we stroke off, intently staring at each other before we squirt—including a huge load from Luke that lands on his own face.

Click Here to watch the whole video at (and yes, it plays perfectly on your iPad. So just quietly get up from your desk… nobody will notice…)

LOTS more pictures after the jump…

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