Hunter Marx Sucks. And he does it well.

Was back in San Francisco this week working on a few scenes for a new Joe Gage project. It’s always been fun to work with Joe and this time I finally got my hands on Hunter Marx. One question that I get asked a lot about making porn is “are there really fluffers?”

No. Not exactly.

But that just means that you and your scene partners use that opportunity to get to know each other, build the chemistry together to make your scene partner and of course suck his dick without someone shouting directions at you.

Hunter Marx, Jessie Coulter and I got the chance to do a scene together and I got to top them both. That will be out on Titan soon.


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  1. gokul prasad says:

    i luv all titanmen models specially david antony i need to join him

  2. gokul prasad says:

    i luv david antony i need join him

  3. Brian Terry says:

    i really love david anthony,i wanna fuck with him,i wanna suck his huge dick.

  4. qdhqqdhq says:


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