A Preview of my scene with Johnny Hazzard

Yes. I finally got my hand on and dick IN the one and only porn legend Johnny Hazzard. This is a scene from the new Titan movie Head Trip. Johnny was great to work with. Handsome and funny and a great guy all around. A tight little body and that baby face are still there, but he’s gone from porn’s bad boy to a tattooed gentleman with a tiny bit of that bad boy left in.


The scene will be on the new Titanmen website soon, but if you can’t wait, it’s already available on DVD (which includes a full digital copy of the movie) and for the BIG bang for your buck… join the Titanmen DVD Club, get the movie on DVD and for free they’ll give you a membership to their website where you can have unlimited access to their complete online catalogue.

Check out some stills from the scene after the jump…


2 Responses to A Preview of my scene with Johnny Hazzard

  1. Rick Stetson says:

    Great scene. You made him shoot out a big load. Wish I were there to catch that in my mouth.

  2. John says:

    This was a dream scene in my mind before I saw it several months ago. It was one of those pairings that only genius cums up with. What all around beauty and nice hot sex.

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