SEE?!?! I have one… I just… you know…. Like to Top.

While on set shooting with Joe Gage a while back, I bent over to pick up the edge of the prop couch (which like everything else on a movie set, isn’t real but a form on a base to make it whatever height we needed at the moment for the sex positions we were doing).

And that’s when I hear the shutter on the camera click and Jasun yell out “WOW, it’s like getting a picture of a unicorn!”

Apparently there is a rumor going around that since I’ve never bottomed before that I don’t actually have an asshole. So I present you with proof that yes, I do in fact have an asshole.

And there it is.

This was my first shoot with Joe Gage since we did Jury Duty together. Always a good time working with a porn legend like Joe. His scenes are always so hot that it’s easy to just get lost in your character and fuck.

By the way… check out my movies at Titanmen and I’m sure you can get the odd glimpse of my asshole there, too.


12 Responses to SEE?!?! I have one… I just… you know…. Like to Top.

  1. Jim says:

    that is one hot hole. love to have u sit on my face anytime to i can eat it out. u are the hottest guy alive. i would love to suck and ride ur big beautiful cock for days and just look into ur gorgeous eyes and that smile, it sure lights up a room. u are sooooo damn hot and sexy.

  2. Jakson says:

    I do prefer you on top David. On top of me would be better… but Oh well!

  3. sean says:

    Oh, I see it… it’s a damn juicy one

  4. Rick Stetson says:

    I just want to suck on that incredible cock of your as agressively as you sucked on Dean Flynn’s cock in that outdoor shower scene. I would have one other request in sucking your cock and that would be that you shoot your hot sperm right in my mouth. Love the feel and taste of hot stud sperm. Cannot get enough of it. It is better than Viagra as far as boosting the testosterone. Rick

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  6. Blkvoyeurazzman says:

    Ok Great now show it more often and let someone in. While watching porn I want to see every asshole in the movie whether it’s being fucked or not. I also believe everyone can get fucked, but not everyone can fuck. Do a flip flop scene with Marco Wilson or D.O..

  7. Harris says:

    Oh how much I want to lick it!

  8. bingo says:

    hey there I’m from Syria… I don’t know if you (David) know what’s happening here in Syria (well if you don’t then it’s a civil war) so my last wish before I die is to have sex with you and get fucked by you.

  9. John says:

    Hello David:

    Do you ever get to Wash, DC? WOuld love to meet you.

  10. lyle says:

    You are very charming
    Like your smile and…

  11. Jorge says:

    You are very hot I would love get fucked bb for you

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