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  1. Karl says:

    Yes, I like your wood shop….wood’s good!
    Wouldnt mind visiting your shop sometime…

  2. asd says:

    eww, smoker.

  3. real_m says:

    Love your big dick and your body…
    Sexy man…

  4. Harris says:

    OMG this is just too HOT! Thank you so much for sharing!

  5. Jim says:

    david u are hottest most gorgeous man ever. the only thing that could have made this video better is if u took that big hard cock and shoved it up my ass and down my throat. u are a fucking god

  6. Karl says:

    You are so absolutely handsome….we should have guys like you here in England.
    And I would love to visit your wood shop!

  7. jim says:

    hi, David, this is a chinese boy .i fall in love to your handsome face the first time i saw you on internet, i can’t believe that god had made such a sexy man
    because of my poor english i can’t express how much i love you and your body, but believe you , i do love you . send me some message if you can

  8. Richard Duyn says:

    Very suckable :-p But next time, away that cigarette, not good for your health and body…

  9. River says:

    hi,i am muscle btm from china,i love your body and dick,i want to see u in USA,pls tell me your MSN.Tks!

  10. Veasna says:

    I LOVE YOU!!!

  11. connor says:

    not so sure on ur wood but ur hammer looks like it should be able to nail anything wood included

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