Hunter Helps.

While we were shooting the new Joe Gage movie “Special Reserve,”  we did a series of still pictures that Titan will use to post on Box Covers, make banners… that sort of thing. It’s not always easy to stay hard while you’re paying attention to the perfect arm and shoulder position, popping your abs out, flaring your lats, pulling your head back and smiling at the person behind the camera “through the lens.”

Try doing all of that AND keeping your cock stiff.

It you watch some of the behind-the-scenes videos of Brian or Jasun shooting stills, you’ll see there’s a lot of chaos going on the whole time. The pictures are usually shot on set while the crew whirlwinds around you setting up lights, hanging mics and adjusting cameras.

Even a guy like me needs some help “raising the flag to full mast.”

My buddy Hunter Marx isn’t in the scene in “Special Reserve,” but he was on set and offered to help me out. So I sat down on the couch, laid back and let Hunter do his thing. I was hard pretty fast and he didn’t really need to keep going, but he looked like he was having fun and who was I to stop him?

Click Here to see the scene from that movie at Titanmen.


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  1. Jim says:

    damn david i would love so suck ur big thick cock anytime and suck on those gorgeous perky nipples of urs. u are the hottest man alive. u could bend me over and plow my ass anytime. fill me with ur man cream

  2. Rick Stetson says:

    Enjoyed the scene. Wish I could do a scene with you David. I would only agree to do it if I could swallow your load. I mean why waste good sperm. Rick

  3. rodrigo says:

    Hi David,are you really or just a fan site?

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