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Getting My Naked Pics Took

People liked that video I posted a couple days ago. So here’s some more.

And more:

when you’re on set getting your picture taken there’s usually a lot going on around you with crew setting up lights and camera men getting their gear ready so staying hard can be a bit of a challenge. Luckily, my scene partner and buddy Hunter Marx was more than happy to help you.

Thanks for being a pal, Hunter. And I’m happy to return the favor any time.

This is from the Joe Gage collection One Thing Leads To Another.

Check out the resulting stills after the jump:

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How to take a Big Dick. Starring Me.

Always go by the two finger rule and if that doesn’t work… there’s always something else you can get up to.

This was from a Behind-the-scenes video shot while we were making the Joe Gage collection “One Thing Leads To Another.

Check out stills from that after the jump:

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Hunter Marx Gets Me Hard…

While shooting the new Joe Gage movie One Thing Leads To Another.

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Making a Cast of my Dick. Requires One for the Shaft, One for my Balls…

Had to laugh at this video. We were making the cast of my dick for the realistic David Anthony Dildo and they had to cast my balls separately from my shaft.

If you’re so inclined to see if you can fit the whole thing… anywhere you might want to stick it… you can get the finished product over at Titanmen’s toy store AND they’ll throw in a free copy of my DVD collection, HUNG – The Best of David Anthony.

There’s a much longer complete video you can watch after the jump…


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Sucking On Set

Fluffers? We don’t need to stinking fluffers.

This is from my new movie “Joe Gage’s Special Reserve” at

And here’s a preview of the scene…

Click here to see the whole movie at Titanmen.

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Jacking out a load for you…

Check out my Mancast Channel.

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Making the Men In The Sand

Here’s some new Behind-the-scenes videos from the new Ray Dragon/Joe Gage shoot for my next movie “Men In The Sand.

The Joe Gage Ray Dragon site is a HUGE source for some of the best porn in history… and I do mean history. All the way back to the early days.


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Wood Shop

I was playing with my new camera.

Do you … like my wood shop?

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Workout Video

Just a couple workout videos. Let me know if you want to see more and what kinds of videos you want to see….

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Francois can play with my balls any time he wants.

While we were shooting this

I was busy doing this…

Incubus 2 is finally out and it’s even better than I had imagined that it would be.

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