SEE?!?! I have one… I just… you know…. Like to Top.

While on set shooting with Joe Gage a while back, I bent over to pick up the edge of the prop couch (which like everything else on a movie set, isn’t real but a form on a base to make it whatever height we needed at the moment for the sex positions we were doing).

And that’s when I hear the shutter on the camera click and Jasun yell out “WOW, it’s like getting a picture of a unicorn!”

Apparently there is a rumor going around that since I’ve never bottomed before that I don’t actually have an asshole. So I present you with proof that yes, I do in fact have an asshole.

And there it is.

This was my first shoot with Joe Gage since we did Jury Duty together. Always a good time working with a porn legend like Joe. His scenes are always so hot that it’s easy to just get lost in your character and fuck.

By the way… check out my movies at Titanmen and I’m sure you can get the odd glimpse of my asshole there, too.

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A Preview of my scene with Johnny Hazzard

Yes. I finally got my hand on and dick IN the one and only porn legend Johnny Hazzard. This is a scene from the new Titan movie Head Trip. Johnny was great to work with. Handsome and funny and a great guy all around. A tight little body and that baby face are still there, but he’s gone from porn’s bad boy to a tattooed gentleman with a tiny bit of that bad boy left in.


The scene will be on the new Titanmen website soon, but if you can’t wait, it’s already available on DVD (which includes a full digital copy of the movie) and for the BIG bang for your buck… join the Titanmen DVD Club, get the movie on DVD and for free they’ll give you a membership to their website where you can have unlimited access to their complete online catalogue.

Check out some stills from the scene after the jump…

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Incubus 3-Way

Finally got a clip to show you here. This is the scene with Junior Stellano, Francois Sagat and me from Incubus 2.

And I’m told there’s a lot more video from that shoot and a few others that I can post coming soon. Stay tuned.

Click here to see the whole movie at the Titanmen website.

Video after the jump…
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Hunter Marx Sucks. And he does it well.

Was back in San Francisco this week working on a few scenes for a new Joe Gage project. It’s always been fun to work with Joe and this time I finally got my hands on Hunter Marx. One question that I get asked a lot about making porn is “are there really fluffers?”

No. Not exactly.

But that just means that you and your scene partners use that opportunity to get to know each other, build the chemistry together to make your scene partner and of course suck his dick without someone shouting directions at you.

Hunter Marx, Jessie Coulter and I got the chance to do a scene together and I got to top them both. That will be out on Titan soon.